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Nov 28, 2000; Los Angeles, CA, USA;            <br />
*NSYNC and MSN Top the Charts to Offer Fans  The Ultimate Online Experience<br />
MSN® network of Internet services together announced they will deliver the ultimate online experience for *NSYNC fans across the United States. Through a cool new co-branded Internet Access service, *NSYNC@MSN, millions of *NSYNC enthusiasts will be able to access premier content and use the top services of MSN taflored specifically for them - exclusive electronic newsletters, never-before-seen photos and unseen video footage of the award-winning music group at the official *NSYNC@MSN Community site.MSN dedicated to *NSYNC; joining chats via MSN Chat radio; or buying CDs - all with *NSYNC excitement at hand. In addition, *NSYNC@MSN will guide fans through an online adventure into the band's world. The new service iticludes inside access to content, music, video and for-members'-eyes-only photos of Justin, Lance, Chris, JC and Joey<br />